2018 Lenten Journey – God Stories

Today is Wednesday the 21 February, in the Season of Lent

God Changed My Life

Centering Prayer: A Prayer by St. Anselm of Canterbury
Teach me to seek you, and reveal yourself to me as I seek;
for unless you instruct me I cannot seek you,
and unless you reveal yourself I cannot find you.
Let me seek you in desiring you; let me desire you in seeking you.
Let me find you in loving you; let me love you in finding you.
Scripture: Today’s reading is from Psalm 22:27-31
All the ends of the earth shall remember and turn to the LORD, and all the families of the nations shall worship before him. For dominion belongs to the LORD, and he rules over the nations. To him, indeed, shall all who sleep in the earth bow down; before him shall bow all who go down to the dust, and I shall live for him. Posterity will serve him; future generations will be told about the Lord, and proclaim his deliverance to a people yet unborn, saying that he has done it.
Reflection: The Psalmist experienced the desolating absence of God when he found himself despised, mocked, and encircled by his enemies (Psalm 22:1-21). Then, God heard his cries and rescued and saved him. The psalmist’s  perspective of and relationship with God changed profoundly. Now he stands before the assembled congregation to praise and worship the Lord! He appraises that the story of God’s saving grace is so amazing that he envisions the necessity for all families, nations of the world, the rulers and powerful, and future generations not yet born to be told what God has done and can do. He is convinced that if people would just know that God doesn’t hide his face from those that suffer, they would return/turn to the Lord, worship Him, live for Him, serve Him, and continue to proclaim his mighty acts to the world.  God’s saving grace cannot remain a private secret. God stories of salvation, healing, and liberation must be openly proclaimed so that others may know and turn to God so their hearts can live forever in wonder, love, and praise to God!
Questions for Reflection: 
  • What is your salvation story about God that needs to be shared with the world?
  • Who would resonate with your God story if you would tell it? Why?
  • Is it easy for you to share your story of God’s salvation with others? Why or why not?
Prayer Focus: For the grace and courage to share our God stories with the world.
Concluding Prayer: 
Anima Christi
Jesus, may all that is you flow into me.
May your body and blood be my food and drink.
May your passion and death be my strength and life.
Jesus, with you by my side, enough has been given.
May the shelter I seek be the shadow of your cross.
Let me not run from the love which you offer,
But hold me safe from the forces of evil.
On each of my dyings shed your light and your love.
Keep calling to me until that day comes, when with your saints,
I may praise you forever. Amen.

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