Stay in Touch

Scripture: Luke 6:17-26

“And all in the crowd were trying to touch him, for power came out from him and healed all of them.”  

Thought for the day

A cell phone battery drains frustratingly fast when the antenna works hard to find and stay in touch with a signal. A cell phone’s state of the art features and capabilities are rendered useless when it is drained of power.

Jeremiah (17:7), the Psalmist (1:3), Paul (1Cor. 15:14), and Jesus (Lk. 6:20-23) talk about the blessedness and reward of those who stay in touch with the life of God and trust in God’s promises and provision. They are deeply rooted in God’s never-ending resources. As a result, they are fearless in times of calamity, vibrant in all seasons, they fulfill their purposes, and persevere through hardships and sorrows.

When we stay in touch with the life and promises of God through meditation on his word, we grow in faith or trust in God’s goodness and provision. Our inward confidence in God’s goodness and provision directs us to draw deeper from the never-ceasing power, grace, and consolation of God. Because we have an abundance in God, we turn outward from ourselves to give and help others with the same abundance and comfort we find in God. Trust in God’s goodness and provision yields a steadfast peaceful spirit within us in a convulsive world as we strive with confident hope for tomorrow.


Draw us into a deeper and ever more real relationship with you, O Lord. As we listen, guide us in your truth and touch us with your power as we reach out to touch you with our whole being. Show us your righteous ways, relieve our distress, satisfy our longing for peace in a volatile, uncertain, chaotic, and uncertain world, and remember us with your love. Amen.  

Action for the week:

Pray, “Merciful Lord, heal me with your power,” throughout the day this week as a way of being present and abiding in God’s love and providence.

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