“Let it Go” – Palm Sunday

Scripture: “The Lord needs it.” Luke 19:31

Reflection: The owners of the colt came upon the two disciples who are busy untying it as instructed by Jesus. The owners ask the disciples to justify their actions, “Why are you untying the colt?” they ask. The two disciples respond, “Because the Lord needs him.”

Luke says nothing more about the owners of the colt. The owners were familiar with Jesus, or they recognized him as a king, prophet, or priest and understood themselves to be his loyal subjects able and willing to serve in whatever was asked of them. Whatever the case, they were supportive of the disciples’ actions and allowed them to proceed unabated with their intentions to borrow the colt and take it to Jesus.

In the Greco-Roman world, a general or king had the power to take property on loan or seize it for military or civil purposes. As Lord, Jesus’ request compels the owners to cede their property for his use and needs. The owners do not understand what Jesus is planning, the part they play in the larger scheme of things, or how their colt will serve Jesus’ needs. Nevertheless, they obey the Lord through the word of the disciples and release the colt trusting that their cooperation serves Christ’s greater purposes.

I have met so many people over the years – and countless in Kansas and Nebraska – who are like the owners of the colt. As soon as they hear of a pressing need, they let go and generously give of what they possess. They let go and give of their time. They let go and give their gifts and talents to help. They let go and give or loan what they have. They give out of their abundance. And they give out of their poverty. They provide with faith. They offer what they have with hope. They present their contributions with joy. They let go and trust that their cooperation and giving serves Christ’s greater purposes in the world. And for them, that suffices. They may never know how their giving, loaning, or serving makes a difference in a life or the world, but they know in the depths of their soul that there is no higher honor or privilege than serving the Lord with who they are or what they have already received from him in terms of grace, mercy and goodness.

Prayer for Generosity by St. Ignatius of Loyola

Eternal Word, only begotten Son of God,
Teach me true generosity.
Teach me to serve you as you deserve.
To give without counting the cost,
To fight heedless of wounds,
To labor without seeking rest,
To sacrifice myself without thought of any reward
Save the knowledge that I have done your will. Amen.

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